One Cardio To Rule Them All

A question I get asked quite often is: 'The workout program I'm following says I need 15-30 minutes of cardio. What should I do?' It's honestly a very good question, and it depends on you're fitness goals, age, and believe it or not your personal preference. Treadmill The patent for a "training treadmill" was issued... Continue Reading →

Protein Shakes

A phenomenon observed on a global scale in fitness communities all across the world.  In Germany, it's known as Protein-Shake. In Sweden, it's called Protein Drink. In France, they say Shake Protéiné. Not only are conversations limited to the flavor of the contents, or the introduction of additional ingredients to the mixture; but the very... Continue Reading →

Taming Side Dominance

Wouldn't it be unequivocally quaint if we could just pick up heavy objects and equally gain muscle mass and strength throughout our entire body?  Chances are if you consider yourself 'right or left-handed', you are already well aware of both size and strength discrepancies between either side. Ten years of coffee cup curls have done... Continue Reading →

BMI and its Inception

The infamous Body Mass Index formula, and all the kerfuffle it brings. If only we knew just how old it is and what was behind its creation. Believe it or not, it first made an appearance in 1830 under the name 'Quetelet Index' by Adolphe Quetelet; He was a Belgian astronomer and mathematician. At the... Continue Reading →

Working With an Injury

A few weeks ago, I sustained an injury to my hand. The result was a massive loss in grip strength and the inability to push & pull weight. I am going to walk you through the steps that I took to build an exercise program around the injury. In the case of an isolated injury,... Continue Reading →

Exercise Variations

Undoubtedly, had you ever gone to the gym with a fresh workout partner, or taken a redeye from ATL to LAX and hit the nearest gym right off the plane. You will have seen either, variations of an exercise you know, or heard the same exercise; called a variation of names. Below, I will talk... Continue Reading →

Spot Targeting Fat

Somewhere, sadly, lingers a theory so convoluted, even it's very creators merely hiccup and retreat to their dark corners. Littered with ramen noodle carcasses and the piercing aroma of Axe body spray, with a hint of fermenting Muscle Milk. A conversation can be heard in the distance. Guy 1: "Bro, do you think I'm getting... Continue Reading →

3 Simple Meal Prep Ideas

The heart of a solid workout plan is always going to focus on the fuel. Ask any registered dietitian and you will get identical responses on the lines of '80% diet and 20% exercise' being the simple algorithm to the coveted question - "how do I look like a Greek god?". #1 Breakfast - Slow... Continue Reading →

Cardio before or after weights?

More often than not, people start a fitness program on their own. It's not a bad thing. Chances are that if you are a newcomer to exercise your goals will center around weight-loss. As you progress through your fitness journey, the whole endeavor starts to take the shape of a habit rather than a duty... Continue Reading →

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